Entrepreneurship + Investment

Erkyazılım aims to build an accurate bridge between those with an idea and investors.

Erkyazılım offers first hand support to prospective low-budget projects (50K TL - 100K TL) from among viable business ideas which promise rapid growth and commercial potential on the internet and mobile platforms, while incubating higher-budget projects (100K TL - 1.000K TL) and presenting them to more than one investor present in its network of investors in a plausible manner.

Erkyazılım provides direct consultancy and infrastructural services required in order for a project to be realized successfully and grow soundly.

Erkyazılım serves both those with ideas and investors willing to invest.

Services for Idea Owners

  • Idea incubation
  • Assistance with preparation of business plans
  • Dream Venture investment up to 50K-100K TL
  • Investment Partnership service for investments corresponding to 100K TL and above

Services required for project survival (controls in intervals of 3 months, marketing support, management support)

Services for Investors

  • Project presentation and evaluation
  • Internet marketing consultancy service
  • Introduction to idea owner and preparing necessary partnership conditions
  • Realizing project (providing relevant infrastructure like software, hardware etc.)
  • Controlling project in intervals of 3 months and reporting

You may submit your project applications to [email protected]