TSE Expert Database - Personnel Recruitment Application

The TSE Expert Database application is a platform employed by TSE to access experienced and knowledgeable human resources in various fields of profession. In the meantime, the human resources department of TSE utilizes this platform to recruit personnel. Whilst being equipped with most features of conventional job search websites, the application also meets TSE's special needs (collecting information from candidates by creating custom dynamic forms during application etc.) as well.

It enables the TSE human resources department to make sure personnel recruitment adverts are published on the website as soon as they are published on the official gazette; only applications conforming to specific conditions are accepted (such as KPSS, YDS, OMMS etc. scores and population registry data being accessible); managers and candidates are informed throughout all stages of application; candidates eligible for an interview are screened out; and results are announced on the website.

The platform facilitates it for candidates to describe and express themselves before TSE as well as possible. Candidates are able to create a professional résumé step by step in this sense. It can then be sent through e-mail or printed out in PDF format to be sent to another address. They may upload existing résumés in conventional formats or other documents like medical reports and diplomas. Candidates can log in to the application using their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts, and transfer their LinkedIn references to their TSE Expert Database accounts.

Using our application, TSE has recruited personnel on 2 occasions with 5 different adverts so far. Out of all these, 3 were adverts to recruit disabled personnel.
Our application remained constantly (100%) functional. During this process, more than 20 thousand members registered.
Over 20 thousand résumés were created and more than 20 thousand files uploaded, average total size of the files corresponding to 14 GB. Also, more than 10 thousand applications were received.
Thanks to our application, the necessity of personally going to Ankara and submitting an application was eliminated. Thousands of paper was saved.
The human resources department of TSE was persistently in control to ensure fair recruitment.

We would like to thank the Information Processing and Human Resources departments of TSE for their contributions during the process of application development

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