The Presidency Web Portal is ready for 1 million visitors daily

Combined with the dynamicity of his team, the importance Esteemed Abdullah Gül puts in technology results in emergence of fine projects.

The Presidency website now welcomes visitors with strong infrastructure and an interactive design.

The foremost criterion we sought to adhere to in the Presidency website was to offer seriousness and sincerity at the same time. We believe that we have succeeded in that regard in through content planning and design.

Additionally, it was necessary to provide sharing options for the entire website content. This was done by enabling facilitated RSS access. We worked hard in order to present multiple headlines, rich multimedia content and facilitated access altogether.

Fatih Küçükbaltacı and his team deserve special thanks for their efforts in allocating such a special work to the service of the Presidency. As Erkyazılım, we are rightfully proud of this.

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