2nd Period Questioners of Ask the President

President Gül Directly Answered the Questions That Had Been Selected With Your Votes


Cumhurbaşkanı'na sorun 2. Dönem Soru Sahipleri ve Erkyazılım

The sentence "Everything starts with dreaming" may sound like a meaningless sentence for those who dreamed much in their lives but were disappointed in the end, who sank into pessimism with the inadequacy of the things they had done for the things that they had wanted to obtain.

Nevertheless, there is hope for everything, and we should be hopeful.

Who would have said the great high state officials would address anyone from the public, and value his/her questions and especially value him/her? Who would have said the President would host these people very nicely, value their opinions and sincerely answer the questions they ask?

Yes! No matter how extraordinary it looks for the Presidency, it will remain as an unforgettable memory for the owners of the questions.

We carry out many projects at the Palace, and I found the chance to have a chat, for a short while though, with the Questioners of the 2nd Period at the lunch break of a day when we had gone for a meeting again.

The excitement and happiness I saw in them increased my faith as to how good the work that I do is.
My determination to hammer away at my works and projects increased even more.

I share with you the photograph that the friends and I had taken, for the sake of leaving a mark on history.

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