After a project: Bursagaz Digital Archive Project

We have completed the Bursagaz Digital Archive Project (DAP), preparatory works of which we had started in May last year, at the beginning of July by exceeding the threshold of 10 millions.

Holding opening and final meetings for projects has an important place in Bursagaz's corporate culture, and I honestly believe that it should be done in every firm. Thanks to these meetings, it becomes possible that all teams become cognizant of projects with their core meanings, and see the good things that have been produced.

Final meeting of DAP has been realised within this scope; we have completed a year that sometimes had gone intense and stressful, and sometimes joyful, with project presentation, explanations, a mini plaque ceremony that honoured the project teams, cake cutting and by taking a family photograph.

Bursagaz DAP Projesi Kapanış Töreni Sunumu

Photo 1: Mehmet Ensari, Bursagaz IT Manager delivers his presentation speech of the final meeting.

Bursagaz Genel Müdürü Hakan Tola, Erkyazılım Genel Müdürü Bülent Arslan'a plaketini verirken.

Photo 2: Hakan Tola, General Manager of Bursagaz gives Bülent Arslan, General Manager of Erkyazılım his plaque.

We probably would not have been able to finalise this tiring process without our Service Bureau project manager Mustafa Yeşilyurt's process analyses, capabilities in software and big data movements, our DAP Project team leader Mehmet Ertaş's success in managing a team of 40 people on average, which increased up to 60 people sometimes, our technical supervisor Tanju Arda's ability of solving technical problems by from distance, Bursagaz Project manager Adem Güler's efforts and success in meeting the needs in all the details of the project, Bursagaz BT Manager Mehmet Ensari's ability of solving and managing processes as easy as drinking coffee, Bursagaz and Erkyazılım General Managers Mr. Hakan Tola's and Mr. Bülent Arslan's patronage.

Bursagaz Genel Müdürü Hakan Tola, Bursagaz Proje Yöneticisi Adem Güler'e plaketini verirken.

Photo 3: Hakan Tola, General Manager of Bursagaz gives Adem Güler, Bursagaz Project Manager his plaque.

Some facts about the project:

  • 11,500,000 pages, which were Bursagaz's archive of 20 years, have been assorted,
  • Natural Gas connection agreement, Natural Gas utilisation contract, Corporate connection contracts belonging to 10 different units, 10's of different types of documents belonging to Domestic installation normal, Domestic installation A0, Emergency, Individual, Accounting, Purchasing units have been scanned,
  • 8 different types of barcodes have been used,
  • 180,000 A4 sheet barcodes have been consumed for barcode production,
  • 1,773,142 pieces of punched pockets have been used for the final assortment of the documents,
  • Barcode reinforcement has been made with 23.4 km of clear tape,
  • With smart indexing mechanism, the index personnel has indexed the documents with information consisting of more than 380 million characters (OCR excluded),
  • Thousands of installation projects within the range of 4-16 meters were arranged and scanned one by one in A0 scanning devices,
  • Being 60 at the highest time,
  • A personnel of 49 people on average worked for 1 year.
  • 2 separate physical archives have been modernised and transformed into a new archive with 2400 shelf capacity, including additions,
  • 1330 shelves have been filled,
  • 30 tables, 30 armchairs, 3 wooden cabinets and 2 presentation boards of the furniture in the project have been donated to Üçevler Şehit Faik Gökçen Primary School,
  • 45,000 pieces of punched pockets have been distributed to schools of Bursa Provincial Directorate for National Education,
  • 4 tons of pages have been sent for recycling,
  • With the project, all the units of Bursagaz have been equipped in a way that they will send documents to the new archive with the new system,
  • 3 workers of the project were transferred into the staff of Bursagaz in order to pursue the process,
MSSQL Server 2008 database and Erkyazılım Digital Archive system have been used on Windows 2008 operating system



Erkyazılım Ekip Lideri Mehmet Ertaş tüm proje yönetim ile birlikte pastayı keserken.

Photo 4: Mehmet Ertaş, Team Leader of Erkyazılım cuts the cake with the entire project management team.

From left to right: Mehmet Ensari (Bursagaz IT Manager), Hakan Tola (Bursagaz GM), Adem Güler (Bursagaz PM), Mehmet Ertaş (Erkyazılım TL), Bülent Arslan (Erkyazılım GM), Mustafa Yeşilyurt (Erkyazılım PM), Atakan Eser (Erkyazılım DGM)


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