An expansion in power distribution sector: Aydem Mobile

Aydem, which renders electricity distribution service in the provinces of Aydın, Denizli, Muğla, rendered service to its customers on its corporate web site, on to its individual customers and on to its corporate customers up to day. It can now render its customers service on mobile platform too, with the iPhone application developed by our firm.

As for the things that can be done in the application;

  • Being able to access the news, announcements and calls for tender issued by Aydem,
  • Quick debt inquiry,
  • Fast access to call centres,
  • Access to the "Payment Points" that are in the city where one is and having directions to the position where one is,
  • Seeing "Maintenance Programmes and Planned Cuts" in the selected city,
  • Access to the "List of Installers" in the selected city,
  • Sending "Complaint Forms" from the solution window,
  • "Application Tracking",
  • Access to "Subscriber Information", "Debt Information" from the e-Aydem window of the application,
  • Creating estimated invoice by entering index values on the "Estimated Invoice" calculation window,
  • Access to the lists of previous uses and payments in graphic form from the "Previous Consumptions" window
  • Fast access to Aydem call centres, General management and provincial managements and Aydem web sites from the contact window are possible.

Screenshots of the Application

Access to the Application

As Erkyazılım, we hope Aydem, which continuously follows the innovations in the sector it is in, and customers of Aydem, who live in the provinces of Denizli, Muğla and Aydın, enjoy it.

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