TSE Expert Database - Personnel Selection Application

TSE Expert database application is a platform for accessing human resources that have information and experience in different business lines of TSE. At the same time, it is the platform on which TSE's human resources unit carries out personnel recruitment procedures. While the application carries most of the features of classical job seeking sites, it also meets TSE's specific needs (collecting information from applicants by creating specific dynamic forms at the moment of application etc.).

As of TSE human resources' personnel recruitment announcement's being issued on the national gazette, publication of the job posting on the site makes it possible to accept applications that meet the criteria in announcements (examination scores like those of KPSS, YDS, ÖMMS etc., access to Civil Registration and Nationality information of the applicants), accept applications, inform managers and applicants about all the stages of the application, select the applicants who qualify for interview and announce them on the site.

The platform provides applicants with the convenience of expressing themselves in the best way to TSE. Applicants can prepare a professional résumé step by step. They can send these résumés to another address via e-mail or by printing them out in PDF. They can upload their documents like their existing classical résumés, health reports, diplomas etc. Applicants can log into the application via their Facebook and LinkedIn accounts as well. They can transfer their references in LinkedIn into their accounts on TSE Expert Database.

TSE recruited personnel twice with 5 different postings by using our application. 3 of those postings were for disabled personnel recruitment. Our application kept working continuously (100%). Within this time, more than 20,000 members registered, more than 20,000 résumés were created, more than 20,000 files were uploaded -the size of those files is approximately 14 GB- and more than 10,000 applications were made. Thanks to our application, the necessity of making an application by going to Ankara personally was eliminated. Thousands of papers were saved. TSE human resources team checked for the sake of a fair selection procedure continuously.

We would like to thank the employees of TSE Information Processing department and TSE Human resources department for their support in the application development process.


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