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I think Turkish Standards Institution (TSE) is one of the institutions in our country which produces the most information and documents institutionally. After taking a look at the documents that are produced, the subjects that are dealt with, it is not hard to understand that it would be hard for people, who are a little unfamiliar with the subject, to find a pinpoint answer in so much information.

While brainstorming with the TSE Information Technologies team about the subject, we realised that a platform, in which human answers will be able to be received to human questions, would fill a significant gap for those on the field who do business with TSE and those who are interested in the subject. When we developed the matter a little bit more, we saw that our question and answer product, which we had built with the name Cumhurbaşkanına Sorun (Ask the President of the Republic) for T.R. Presidency as well, had quite a good application area. Açıldı

TSE Is Answering (TSE Cevaplıyor), which makes it possible to convey any time and from anywhere the questions for which TSE experts, who work on the field and are competent in their subjects, are needed; aims for everybody to ask questions in subjects that are within TSE's area of interest, and receive consistent answers directly from the experts of those subjects.

What are the features of TSE Is Answering?



TSE Is Answering is a social networking platform on which people help each other.

It is a place to meet new people according to your interests and the subjects you are curious about. It offers you the opportunity to learn about what you wonder and teach what you know by establishing online communities and with high-quality sharing.

Ask a Question

You can ask real people the questions that preoccupy your mind. If there is a question, there is definitely an answer too.

While you can access on the internet tons of sources/information about a question that preoccupies your mind in daily life, a real person, whom you can ask about that subject, can give faster and more satisfying information. One day, a sultan fell from a horse, all the people of the palace surrounded him. When everybody was telling their own opinions about it at the same time, the sultan said; "find me someone who fell from a horse".

Questions with Time Limit

You can determine a latest answering date for the questions you arrange.

Choose the latest answering date while preparing a new question, and we will only present the answers after that date.

Make a Survey

You can prepare a survey very easily.

Sometimes you may need to draw very quick conclusions from the answers that will be given to a question. You can ask the questions in the related surveys both to the members of TSE Is Answering and to people on other sites by using a widget. TSE Is Answering does not intervene with the results of surveys in any way.

Surveys with Time Limit

You can determine a latest participation date for your survey.

Choose your survey's latest participation date while preparing a new survey, and we will only present the results after that date. If you want, make it open to the public so that everybody can vote; keep your finger on the pulse of the internet.

If you want, write it anonymously so that nobody will know you.

You can ask questions anonymously with the anonymity feature.

If you mark the option "I would like to ask this question as Anonymous User and hide myself." while asking a new question, your question will be published with a general user name that will appear as Anonymous User.

Therefore you can publish a question that you want to ask but feel shy about asking, without showing yourself up, with a clear conscience.

Smart call system

With this system, you can access members via the questions and the answers that you want to find in the site.


You can follow those people whose questions and answers you like; you can see the questions that they ask instantly on your page that is special for you.


8 different RSS infrastructures like new surveys, latest answers, questions belonging to a person

You can subscribe to any of the 8 different RSS options on our site, and follow instant changes via your internet browser, without needing to connect to the site. In this way, you can also have the opportunity to have direct links to new coming messages and answers.

Twitter Connect

You just ask, and we will update your Twitter status instantly.

You can activate your Twitter account on the page Account Operations - External Service Integration, and have your Twitter status updated automatically when you ask a question or answer a question, and have your friends notice it.

Facebook Connect

Connect via your Facebook account without dealing with membership; ask, answer, share.

You can log in to TSE Is Answering by using Facebook connect, and enjoy all of its features. By this means, you will not deal with membership procedures, and will share your questions instantly on your Facebook page. When you update your profile picture on Facebook, your picture on TSE Is Answering will be updated too.

My Page

With your page that we have created special for you, you can follow your activities on TSE Is Answering, share personal information, links and your pictures with your friends, follow those who follow you.

In-site Messaging

You can message with members in the site. You can ask the questions and/or give the answers that you generally feel shy about asking or telling in the site to people whose knowledge and experience you trust, thanks to in-site Messaging; you can receive help, communicate.

Point System

Collect points with your activities.

You can earn points from the activities of Asking questions, Giving answers, Commenting, Making surveys, Participation into surveys, Question-Answer Evaluation, Reporting and banning from publication, Ask your friend/recommend. Click for the details of the point system.

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