Global Excellence Award to E-Bursagaz Project

Bursagaz offers higher quality online service to customers and business partners using Erkyazılım solutions.

The 3rd biggest gas distribution firm of Turkey, Bursagaz carried its corporate services to the online environment without compromising the international standards the firm adheres to. Instead of directly transferring corporate processes to the web, the firm implemented a more reliable and better controlled project by integrating them to WAN servers through web service interfaces developed with Microsoft technologies.

The firm's integration software was designed to operate in synchronization with "KolayPortal XL", corporate portal product developed by Erkyazılım, and the corporate subscriber monitoring system.

Bursagaz has certified its corporate quality by winning the "Award of Excellence" at the International Webaward Contest 2006, the 10th instance of the contest, with its E-Bursagaz project.

A successful corporate faceplate was established for in terms of design, facility, technology and innovation in 2005 thanks to the solution-oriented project partnership with Erkyazılım. Thanks to the "Kolay Portal XL" product, the corporate portal, which is the firm's introduction to the customer, was equipped with technologic infrastructure that could be updated by Bursagaz personnel at any time or maintained when necessary.

Ali Bayrak, Director of Bursagaz Information Systems, said: "As a local firm, we are proud to have won an international award in the name of Bursa. This award given to the website of Bursagaz leans against the customer-oriented, perfectionist and high-tech approach adopted by Bursagaz. With this award, we have proven once again that Bursagaz serves at global standards."

The project's success comes from the "request list and preliminary analysis" document finely issued by Bursagaz, a web concept appropriately designed in line with the firm's corporate identity and the "constant project development" agreement concluded by Bursagaz and Erkyazılım.

"While adapting well-projected demands to a convenient corporate form was an advantage for our firm, our efforts were also especially fueled by the fact that our customer had high expectations. In general, your work is considered to have been completed once the project is published but we held meetings with the Bursagaz Information Systems team and kept track of the intensive development process in order to ensure sustainable quality. Therefore, we were particularly proud and happy to realize and sustain a project that is always up-to-date and improves constantly." image

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WINNER NAME: Bursagaz A.S. - Natural Gas Utility

AWARD: Energy Standard of Excellence

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