Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship Digital Archive Project (NVI DAP)

Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship Digital Archive Project (NVI DAP)

National Scientific Fund – KAMAG Project was funded 100% by the state under the partnership of Erkyazılım, Tubitak National Research Institute of Electronics and Cryptology, T.R. Ministry of Interior Civil Registration and Citizenship (NVI).

With this project which commenced on the date of 01.11.2010 and was completed on 01.09.2013, it was targeted to;

  • Allow the requests of Citizens, Courts and other institutions to be responded quickly,
  • Prevent the loss of time and labor force resulting from operations such as access to archived paper documents, taken them out of the archive and multiplying them and archiving again,
  • Indexing of documents in paper environment in accordance with their corporate functions and original order on digital environment,
  • Prevent the wear and destruction resulting from physical usage of the documents, therefore preventing the corporate responsibilities and deprivation of rights to arise from the destruction of documents,
  • Creating an infrastructure that will allow operation with other e-government projects such as MERNIS.

It was aimed to develop an e-document management and sharing system for the transfer of documents to the electronic environment quickly and securely and the management and sharing of the documents.

Studies for development of an e-document management and sharing system for the quick and secure transmission of sampled 2,594,051 sampled pages which equal to 1% of 259,405,100 documents within the body of Civil Registration and Citizenship to electronic environment, their administration on the electronic environment, sharing them with other institutions were performed.

For the digitizing of Family Registers (60 X 80 cm), Round Notebooks (60 X 80 cm), Baseline Documents (A5-A4), baseline documents before the date of 1974, Incident Books (55x 40 cm), Registry Books (55x 40 cm), Citizenship Folders (A4), scanning devices with different properties from Zuetchel, Book2Net, Bookeye companies for the scanning of A0, A1 and A2 sized documents were used.

TSE 13298 T1 standard (400 dpi without compression, TIFF format main copy storage) was used as scanning standard.

Consultancy services were received from Hacettepe University, Marmara University, Sabancı University and Istanbul University for performing R&D studies towards the development of document ontology for the corporate, Ottoman handwriting identification and R&D studies were performed on both information and document management and handwriting definition, natural language processing subjects

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