OTürk Ottoman Documents Asset Database Project

While continuing our successful projects in digitizing classical archive studies, in the meantime we share the valuable archive studies with masses.

“OTÜRK DIGITAL” project which was created within the scope of “Islam Seljuk Ottoman and Turkish World Documentary” produced and directed by Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kala, provides more than 250,000 documents to be available for today’s researchers.

Some facts:

  • It involves the time period of 1040-1950
  • It mainly consists of the translation of Ottoman Turkish, partially Arabic and Persian archive and manuscript works.
  • It involves 3 continents and 8 geographical regions
  • It has documents related to 250 cities, 900 Muslim Judgeship-Townships
  • First document is from 1048
  • 250,000+ translations/documents are transferred to the system.

With the help of the project, OTürk Digital (OD) team loads the studies they have to the archive system and documents are subject to the word index of the archive system and are categorized for the utilization of researchers.

When researches enter into the system, they can examine the meta data by finding the documents, catalogues spot-on with the indices or smart search system and then they can add them to working folders to find them again, if they wish they can download the original document as PDF or JPEG.

Oturk Digital

In the systems with corporate and individual membership models, companies can apply collective subscription packages for their own employees. Therefore employees can reach the OD archive system on the IP system of their company or from the determined systems. OD archive system can be reached. For example, you can directly reach the OD archive from National Library systems. If they wish, corporate managers may apply authorization identification in order to limit access to a part of the archive. Individual members can buy document downloading right with their credit card and for affordable prices.

OTÜRK DIGITAL system user properties:

  • Automatic index catalogue structure
  • Smart search and recommendation system
  • Creating study folders and adding documents and study notes to the folders
  • Downloading requested documents as PDF/JPEG
  • IP-based limitless access right for corporate members
  • Authorized access right system.
  • Credit card subscription system for individual members
  • Detailed reports for corporate members
    • Which documents are examined
    • Which documents are downloaded
    • Which users used the system
    • Detailed word, summary, document, IP reports.
    • Reports in Excel format

OTÜRK DIGITAL system management properties:

  • Document transfer system
  • Automatic index catalogue structure
  • Authorized category three for editors
  • Authorized document examination module for editors
  • Package Price Management
  • Member Management
  • Agreement Management
    • Development of date-restricted agreement
    • Search restriction on whole text of summary of the document
    • IP restriction (single IP and/or IP interval definitions)
    • Restriction of user number
    • Daily, monthly and total document download limit definition
    • Catalogue access restriction (including all archive or a specific part into the agreement scope)
  • Tracking the account movements
  • Document, Publication, Publisher editing modules
  • The feature of opening specific words, catalogues to internet users of a specific corporate on websites.

The negotiations between Prof. Dr. Ahmet Kala and T.R. Presidency on including the project to the body of Presidency still continue.

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