Digitization Process


Creating document inventory,

Sorting and preparing destruction plan,

Preparing storage plan,

Clarifying the matrix of index metadata,

Clarifying the integration of e-document transfer,

Clarifying the format of e-document recording,

Defining the project risks and proposals.


Box/folder-documents are accepted by delivery report with double signature from customer representative.

Pages/documents in box to be scanned are counted.

The details of the box accepted are recorded in the system.


Documents are rendered clear of foreign objects.

Restorations required to enable documents to pass through scanner easily are performed.

If necessary, barcode is affixed on documents by their types and specific barcode page is placed for historical documents.

If available, the documents to be sorted are separated.

Physical integrity of documents is maintained and the label “SCANNED” is affixed on the related box which is kept in the temporary scan area.


Scanning is performed by the related scanners in the defined quality, format and profile.

Scanning operation is observed by operators personally against the problems of skipping, double-feed, tear and dog-earing of the scanned documents.

The scanned digital copies are recorded on disk in the related record format. Circulation copies and PDF files are automatically created.

The number of pages to be scanned which is recorded in the system is compared with the number of digital copies created. In the presence of missing operation, scanning is controlled.

If necessary, OCR operation is applied by the system automatically.

The scanned documents are physically piled again by maintaining their order.

Index data entry

Before indexing, incorrectly-scanned documents are forwarded with a properly-selected error message to the incorrect documents in order to be scanned again.

Index information on the scanned document is written on the fields on screen and database record is made.

The indexed documents are piled again by maintaining their order.

Quality Control

On the scanned documents, the quality of scanning and accuracy of digital data is controlled.

Incorrectly-processed documents are selected and forwarded to previous operation with a proper error message.

Completely-processed documents are transferred to the central database.


The report of the documents whose quality control is completed is drawn up.

The boxed documents which are kept in temporary scan area are delivered to customer representative by double signature.

The delivery report is recorded on the system and operation of documents is concluded.