KolayPortal – Portal Management Software

You can work with your customers, business partners and employees online with KolayPortal thanks to its outstanding integration properties.

With the updated data and the customized content you’ll provide, you can make your job on service for 7 days and 24 hours uninterruptedly.

Globalization and new economic conditions prompt enterprises to change their operation styles radically and have competitive advantage using internet technologies.

Portal solutions have become a must for the enterprises aiming to increase productivity, have efficient decision-making processes, improve customer commitment and create effective and direct marketing possibilities.

Under current economic conditions, fast and easy access to correct information is required for competition.

Erkyazılım portal solutions provide the technological infrastructure that you need to perform your works more efficiently and effectively. You can integrate our portal solutions into your information infrastructure, enterprise-wide applications and call center infrastructure. Thus, you can strengthen your relations with customers, business partners and suppliers.

Erkyazılım portal solutions provide you with great convenience in terms of design and management. Thanks to its modular structure, you can launch with a micro portal application and develop your system with additional modules over time.

Using our enterprise portal solutions, you can have more efficient communication with your customers, business partners and employees on either internet or mobile environment and hence improve your productivity in work processes.

Portal Products:

KolayPortal WCM

KolayPortal HR

KolayPortal Innovation

KolayPortal Commerce

KolayPortal Payment

KolayPortal Document Sales