KolayPortal Document Sales

Enterprises can build bulk subscription packages for their employees in the system where enterprise and personal subscription models are applied. Thus, employees can have uninterrupted access to the sales portal archive system from IP address of the enterprise under which they work or the defined systems. For instance, you can have access to the sales portal archive from the systems of the National Library. If desired, enterprise directors can also identify authority in the system to grant access to certain part of archives.

Personal subscribers may acquire the right to download document with their credit cards cost-efficiently.


  • Automatic index catalogue structure
  • Intelligent search and advice system
  • Creation of working folders and addition of documents and working notes in them
  • Downloading of the requested documents in PDF/JPEG format
  • IP-based unlimited access right for enterprise subscribers
  • Authorized access right
  • Subscription system for personal subscribers by credit card
  • Detailed reports for enterprise subscribers
  • The possibility to see which documents have been examined
  • The possibility to see which documents have been downloaded
  • The possibility to see which users have used the system
  • Detailed word, summary, document and IP reports
  • Report in excel format.

System Management:

  • Document transfer system
  • Automatic index catalogue structure
  • Authorized category tree for editors
  • Authorized document examination module for editors
  • Package Price Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Contract Management 
    • Date-limited contract formation
    • Restriction on making a search on the complete text or abstract of the document
    • IP restriction (definition of single IP and/or IP range)
    • Limitation of the number of users
    • Definition of limitation on the daily, monthly and total number of documents permitted to be downloaded
    • Restrictions on access to catalogues (including whole archive or certain part of it in the scope of contract)
    • Monitoring of account activities
    • Document, publication and publisher organization modules
    • The possibility to open certain words and catalogues on websites for internet users particularly for the enterprise.