KolayPortal Payment

KolayPortal Payment provides a single interface for virtual POS management, payment security, settlement and reward/bonus points programs.

This portal enables management of POS integration, payment security, settlement, identification of BIN numbers of new cards, reward programs over single platform.

With PCI DSS certificate, the payment page minimizes the security risks and possible losses during payment collection. Your teams don’t need to deal with integration of your virtual POS and different credit card loyalty programs separately.

Let your customers use their bonus points gained from Bonus, World, CardFinans, Maximum, AsyaCard and Paraf during their shopping.

You can receive a settlement file in single format for all banks you work with and hence you will not have to work on the reports consisting of different areas in separate formats.

When banks introduce credit cards with new BIN numbers, most e-commerce websites don’t allow customers to complete their shopping because they don’t know these cards. KolayPortal Payment has continuous contact with banks. Therefore, the recently-introduced cards are defined in the payment infrastructure of KolayPortal Payment within the shortest time.