Innovative Portal Applications

Globalization and new economic conditions radically change the form of an enterprise's operations, inviting them to utilize web technologies in order to seize competitive advantage.

Portal solutions have now become an obligatory need for enterprises which wish to boost efficiency, render decision making processes effective, reduce costs, increase customer loyalty and engage in direct active marketing.

Accessing correct data fast and easily is a must for competition under the new current circumstances of economy.

Erkyazılım portal solutions provide you with the technologic infrastructure that you need to perform your tasks more efficiently and effectively. You can integrate our portal solutions to your information infrastructure, corporate applications and call center infrastructure, which will consolidate relations between you and your customers, business partners and suppliers.

Erkyazılım portal solutions offer you many facilities regarding both design and management. Thanks to its modular structure, it is possible to start with a small portal application and expand your system with additional modules over the course of time.

With our corporate portal solutions, you can engage in more proactive communication with your customers, business partners and employees on either mobile or web platform to boost your efficiency in business processes.

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